Tour to Satara District


Distance of various tourist places from Satara.

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              Char Bhinti Hutatma Smarak  >>  

Built in the memory of Martyr's of 1857 freedom movement. Recently renewed.  In the heart of city.      

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Sangam Mahuli  >>

Confluence of Venna and Krishna river. 5 kms from Satara City on Koregaon Road.

  • Ajinkyatara Fort

   Satara city itself is spread over the slope of fort Ajinkyatara. The historical fort in district.

Good motor road of 5 km takes you to top of fort. Marvelous scene of Satara city from fort is one of the nice experience.

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<<  Natraj Mandir



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It has been said that during Chtrpati Shivaji's Period Raigad was the capital of Shivshahi while Sajjangad was the spiritual Capital of it. Sajjangad (Fort) is situated just 9 kms away from Satara city where Samarth Ramdas took 'Samadhi'. There are 750 steps to enter into this Fort. Sajjangad is 3000 feet above sea level. There are 2 lakes onto the fort.  Samarth Ramdas inspired Chatrapati Shivaji in his fight for Swaraj. He was the spiritual teacher (guru) of Chatarapati Shivaji.   On the day of Das Navami people gather here and take part in festival.



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