Prominent   Personalities

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./../images/ybc_color.jpg (7837 bytes)     Yeshwantrao Chavan       
  • Yeshawantrao Chavan
     The  freedom fighter,   leader of 'Sanyukt Maharashtra Movement' and the first Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Yeshwantrao Balwantrao Chavan born at Devrashtre, Tal.Karad dist.Satara. Several times he represented Satara Parliamentary Constituency. Besides the politics he also wrote 'Krishna kath' and several other books. This soft hearted leader honored with  several important responsibilities for country like Home Minister, Defense Minister and Dy.Prime Minister.

    He introduced 'Panchayat Raj' system for the first time.



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./../images/kbp_color.jpg (6281 bytes)        Dr. Karmveer  Bhaurao  Patil                    
  • Dr. Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil
     The greatest educationalist and founder of 'Rayat Shikshan Sanstha' the dedicated largest educational institute in the state. He has honored by D.Lit. from Pune University on 5/4/1959. His work particularly for poor and backward class students through establishing hostels is the landmark in Maharashtra. He was related with several social and co-operative movements. Also took active part in freedom struggle.

     The head quarter of 'Rayat Shikshan Sanstha' is at Satara with 689 branches through out state and more than 4.42 lacks students taking education in several branches.



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./../images/rajmata_color.jpg (7099 bytes)      Rajmata Sumitraraje Bhosale
  • Rajmata Sumitraraje Bhosale
   The daughter-in-law of Shrimant Chhatrapati Rajaram Maharaj (Abasaheb), the successor of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, 'Kulavadhu' Rajmata Sumitraraje Bhosale was respectable personality in the district. She was related with several social and co-operative movements.

     She was founder member of several institutes. The softhearted 'Rajmata' was died on 05/06/1999.

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./../images/khashaba_new1.jpg (10924 bytes)       Khashaba Jadhav        
  • Khashaba  Jadhav (15'th Jan. 1926 - 14 Aug. 1984)
     Born in very poor farmer family at Goleshwar Tal. Karad, the only Olympic Medal Winner for India till 2000.

     He was honored by individual Bronze medal on 23'rd July 1952, in 1952 Helsinki Olympic Games for Wrestling in bantamweight which is the unbeaten record for India in wrestling till today.

In 1993, Maharashtra State awarded him Shiv Chatrapati Award posthumously. In 2001, Central Govt. has also awarded him 'Arjuna Award' posthumously.

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Gallantry  Awards.

     Satara District has a rich   heritage of military gallant and bravery. There are  24,000 Ex-serviceman's     in this  district which is the highest in the State.  About 94 Top rank Medals bagged by the military mans in this district. Details are
'Shaurya Chakra'  - 5 , 'Veer Chakra' - 5

'Kirti Chakra' -  1,  'Sena Padak' -  27

'Vayuseva Padak' - 1        

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'Nausena Padak' - 1 , 'Mention-in-dispatch' - 1

'I.D.S.M'  - 7 ,  'Military Cross'  -  5

'Military Merit'  -  13 , 'I.O.M'  -  5

Aba Kirtakude(Bhosare,Tal-Khatav) "Veer Chakra" 1948, 
Laxmanrao Situ Salunkhe(Varade,Tal-Karad) "Veer Chakra" 1965,Indo-Pak War
Kisan Jagdale(Pedgaon Tal-Khatav,Malthan) "Veer Chakra" 1965,Indo-Pak War
Hanuman Krishna More(Bhambe,Tal-Patan) "Veer Chakra" 1971 (Indo-Pak war)
Vishwanath Bhosale(Arale,Tal-Satara) "Veer Chakra" 1971(Indo-Pak war)
Satish M.Shinde(Satara) "Shaurya Chakra"(After Death),1969
Anand Sopan Sawant(Limb, Tal-Satara) "Shaurya Chakra",1980
Ragunath Dange(Chinchner Nimb, Tal-Satara) "Shaurya Chakra"1981
Tukaram Jadhav(Dahiwadi,Man) "Shaurya Chakra",1985
Shrirang Tatyaba Sawant(Bilapur, Tal-Khatav) "Shaurya Chakra"(After Death),1986
Shivaji Jagtap(Wadgaon Haweli,Tal-Karad) "Kirti Chakra" 1995.

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    Following personalities made their valuable contribution in various fields. The name of Satara city and District is being remembered in the country and  abroad because of their great achievements.

Gopal Ganesh Agarkar   Born at Tembhu , Tal-Karad Dist.Satara.
Lokhitwadi Gopal Hari Deshmukh
Maharshi Vithal Ramji Shinde
Kisan Mahadev Veer Freedom fighter, right hand of Krantisinh Nana Patil (Kavathe, Tal-Wai)
Barrister Appasaheb Pant Pratinidhi   Prince of Aundh State, Freedom fighter,     introduced 'Gramrajya System' in Aundh State
Bramhachaitnya Godavlekar Maharaj Gondawale Bk., Tal-Man, Dist.Satara
Sevagiri  Maharaj Pusegaon Tal-Koregaon Dist.Satara
Gopalnath Maharaj Triputi(Jamb), Tal-Satara.
Jayram Swami Wagoan,  Dist.Satara
Rangnath Swami Nigadi , Dist.Satara
Dada Maharaj Satarkar Satara
Govindswami Aphale  Kshetra Mahuli, Tal.Satara
Baba Maharaj Satarkar Satara
Chintamanrao   Kolhatkar
Bal Kolhatkar  
Swararaj Chota Gandharva Saudagar Nagnath Gore, Bhadale,Tal-Koregaon
Raja Gosavi  
G.P.Deshpande (Gopu)  
Acharya Kaka Kalelkar
Vyanktesh Madgulkar  
Laxmanrao Mane(Uparakar)
"Kavi Yeshwant" Y.D.Pendharkar(Chaphal,Tal.Patan)
"Kavi Girish" S.K.Kanitkar(Rahimatpur,Koregaon)
B.C.Mardhekar Mardhe , Dist.Satara
    Other  Important personalities  
Tarktirth Laxmanshastri Joshi Honoured by several National Awards. The  great work of 'Marathi Vishwa Kosh'. Details are in landmarks section from home page .
Yamunabai Waikar "Lawani Samradni' & winner   of several   National level awards
Shahir Sabale Winner of National Awards
Principal Shivajirao Bhosale Phaltan
Barrister P.G.Patil Satara
P.B.Gajendragadkar Ex-Chief Justice of India
V.G. Alias Annasaheb Chirmule Popularly known as 'Vima Maharshi' founder of 'United Western Bank' and Western India Insurance' the, first insurance compeny in 1913.
Nilkanthrao Kalyani Wellklnown  Industrialist
Dhanjibhai Kooper Founder of Kooper Industries,Satara
Baburao Kashid (Rahimatpur) Winner of  Silver Medal in Asian Games,Manila
Nanda Jadhav National Level player(Running)
Snehal Kadam & Satish Kadam Youngest swimmer(10 Years) to cross the Jibralter Strait. First time in the history of swimming, the daughter at the age 10, has created this record with her father Shri.Satish Kadam, working in Revenue Dept,Satara.

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